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THE MISSION Food Safety solutions that you can count on.


CQA is a good Corporate Citizen.  As such CQA has many respected corporate collegues and are available to support CQA and its clients.

These include: Primus labs, WQS, University of California Riverside & University of California Davis.


CQA's technology partners span the width of food safety capabilities including Safe Quality Food (SQF) expertise, sanitation, decay management, shelf-life and shrinkage control, data management, traceability and environmental management. We have the personnel, expertise and software to bring our customers to the highest level of food safety certification.

FOUNDER: Debora Langston: Over 30 years in and Food Safety Program Development; Pre-Qualifying Audits and Inspections. Recognized expert: Pre- and Post-harvest food quality management, i.e. Quality Control, Ripening Procedures, Organic Product Validation.

Our Food Safety Services


• Validation of existing processes to meet ever changing standards

• Inform and educate food safety agencies, food safety certifiers

• Apply best science to real life production scenarios


Documentation Management Automated by the Cutter:

• Creating online Food Safety Forms specific to client

• Monitoring processes

• Instant Document retrieval


Risk Management:

• Internal reports for plant managers.

• Customized Food Safety Consultation

• FSMA/PCQI (Preventive Controls Qualified Individual) training personnel according to Food Safety Modernization Act


Strategic Planning:

• Risk tolerance-Recall

• Microbiological control Strategy

• Audit and compliance Strategy



• Food safety training for clients supervisors

• Food safety training for clients workers

• Hands on training for cleaning and sanitation crews


• Preventive; Annual review and validation of the client’s Food Safety system

• Advocacy with Government Agencies/Industry over-site bodies

• On-site process analysis

Stay one-step ahead of the warnings before the problem, creates a recall.

It’s more important than ever to stay informed on the challenges and opportunities within food safety and traceability. Feel safe knowing that with CQA you can report a problem accurately, resolve the problem efficiently, and make sure the problem is not repeated in the future.

Our Services

• Annual review and validation of the client’s Food Safety system

• Update SDS programs

• Monitors shift employees to insure Good Manufacturing Practices
and HACCP practices

• Monitors all associated paper work for completion and compliance

• Updates all Food Safety documentation and directs other managers
in Food Safety tasks

• Report and document to Plant Operations Manager any Food Safety infractions

• Food Safety Consultation

• Conduct 3rd Party Self Audits under Global Food Safety Standards

• Prepare Food Safety Manuals (Good Manufacturing Practices)

• Prepare Food Safety Manuals (Good Agricultural Practices)

• Prepare Document binders with Food Safety Documents for record keeping

• Primus Global Food Safety Audits GMP (Preparations)

• Primus Global Food Safety Audits GAP (Preparations)

• Primus Standard GAP Audits (Preparations)

• Costco Addendum's Grower/Harvesting (Preparations)

• Primus Harvesting Crews Audits (Preparations)

• Managing on-line Food Safety Documents (Cutter) for all Certified Quality Assurance clients

• Provide Training on electronic food safety documents for Cutter

• Creating on-line Food Safety Forms specific to client

• Trouble shooting Cutter tablets

• Maintenance on Cutter equipment

(Point Manager, Sensors, Probes, Data Acquisition)

• Basic HACCP Certifications

• Advanced HACCP Certifications

• GLOBAL G.A.P Audits (Preparations or option 1 or 2)

• Provide FSMA/PCQI (Preventive Controls Qualified Individual) trained personnel according to Food Safety Modernization Act

• Implementation of food safety programs for Packing Facilities/Growing operations/Cooling and Cold storages/Packaging manufactures and distributors/Harvesters and Processors

• Assists in all of our client’s food safety training, insuring employees are knowledgeable and understanding of food safety.  Hands on training for cleaning and sanitation teams/crews, insuring proper cleaning and sanitation methods are understood and in place

The food safety arena is changing everyday and standards continue to be developed and adopted worldwide. Let CQA help you reach your goals for higher standards.

Latest News

Food Safety Modernization Law FAQS -On April 8, 2013 the FDA released some frequently asked questions on Registration and Registration Renewal.  Provided by: www.fda.gov

MARCH 15, 2016

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