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We support the following certifications


 • Primus GFS

 • Global GAP (Option 1 and 2)

 • Standard GAP



 • Standard Audits

 • Second party audits

 • Regulatory audits

 • Global Food safety Initiative (GFSI)

 • PrimusGFS

 • British Retail Consortium (BRC)

 • Safe Quality Foods (SQF)

 • ASI Food Safety


Creation of custom on-site programs including:


• Preventive Controls

• Sanitation

• Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs)

• Food Defense

• Illness and Injury

• Supervisor training

• Maintenance Crew training

• Job specific (food safety)

• Farm sanitation

• Audit scheme requirements

• Regulatory requirements


Our proprietary software eliminates paper forms and automates your food safety program using android or IOS based phones or tablets, allowing you to manage your program remotely. Our system is designed to make audits simple.


• Safe Quality Food (SQF)

• Global GAP (GGAP)

• British Retail Consortium (BRC)

• Primus Global Food Safety (PrimusGFS)

• Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP)

• Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)

• Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)

• Food Safety Plan (FSP)

Cutter System

Food Safety Culture

Identify company goals and develop objectives to improve compliance and establish food safety culture.

Food Safety Fundamentals

Traceability, Food Safety Plans, Internal Audits, hygiene, preventive actions and correct actions, domestic and foreign supplier programs.


Implement testing programs, cleaning and sanitation program including environmental monitoring, preventive controls, pest control, HACCP, risk assessments.

Farm and Harvesting

Develop regulatory compliant programs to be audit ready for farm and/or harvest crews. Implement testing programs, cleaning and sanitation, Produce Safety Rule, pest control, risk assessments.


Evaluate shelf life extension, cross contamination, pathogenic evaluation, decay prevention and storage and distribution solutions, equipment evaluation and recommendations.

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The food safety arena is changing everyday and standards continue to be developed and adopted worldwide. Let CQA help you reach your goals for higher standards.

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