Full-Service Food Safety

The Food Safety arena changes every day. Food Safety standards constantly change worldwide.


CQA will keep your Food Safety program on the cutting edge of change. Let CQA develop your Food Safety Program. Let CQA assist you with the Operations strategy necessary to achieve your Food Safety Objectives.



THE MISSION to provide Food Safety Solutions you can count on.


• Safe Quality Food (SQF)

• Global GAP (GGAP)

• British Retail Consortium (BRC)

• Primus Global Food Safety (PrimusGFS)

• Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP)

• Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)

• Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)

• Food Safety Plan (FSP)


• Food Safety Data Management

• Traceability

• Facility Sanitation

• Shelf-life Management


• Highest Food Safety Protection

• Multiple Solutions for Production

• One on One Support

• Safety to Avoid A Recall


OF FOOD SAFETY.  Providing our clients, PEACE of mind.


Debora Langston, CQA President:

Thirty years’ experience in pre and post-harvest Food Safety Technology and Food Safety Programs.  Agricultural Pest management, Produce Handling.  Packing house decay control, shelf life extension and ripening; pesticide contamination, pesticide usage.


Experience in Food Safety i.e. HACCP, Global GAP, BRC, PrimusGFS and customized modulated Food safety program. Expert in complete programs modification during and after major recalls.

Food Processing: Key issue contamination

 This Issue is of Greatest Importance

• CQA is ready to assist you when a Recall is required

• CQA is ready to assist you to determine a Product Path

• Cutter Simplifies your Implementation and Documentation
• Cutter is ready to assist you

CQA’s Customized Sanitation Schemes:

• Listeria

• Salmonella

• E. Coli

• Clostridium

• Norovirus (Norwalk virus)

Food Safety programs

Food safety is a qualification to sell your product, to avoid a recall and provide legal compliance. It is a topic of great concern to producers, manufacturers, retailers and consumers. To compete in today’s food supply market, a company must meet the many food safety standards in effect. With the help of Certified Quality Assurance(CQA) you can achieve the Three R’s: “Reduce, Recall and Risk” This is done through our Food Safety Program. Simplify with the Cutter.

CQA works closely with you to develop a custom Food Safety Manual. We help train you and your employees to maintain better practices and an improved working better environment.


We make sure these steps are taken to assure successful implementation of

your FDA Food Safety Plan or Food Safety Manual. The data represented above illustrates the Cutter documented trends in your production areas.
You will see the Three R’s: "Reduced, Recall and Risk" at work when our programs are implemented at your facilities. We take food safety very seriously, when our work is complete you'll never look back!

The food safety arena is changing everyday and standards continue to be developed and adopted worldwide. Let CQA help you reach your goals for higher standards.

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Food Safety Modernization Law FAQS -On April 8, 2013 the FDA released some frequently asked questions on Registration and Registration Renewal.  Provided by:

MARCH 15, 2016

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