CQA's Leadership

Debora Langston, President

CQA Founder & President, Debora N. Langston has over 30 years of experience in Food Safety Consulting and is an Industry Expert. Her passion for food safety began with the development of cleaning and sanitation programs and sampling and FSMA execution within facilities. Debora's niche expertise ranges from pre- and post- harvest agricultural pest management, fresh fruit and vegetable handling. Her solution-based approach includes extensive experience in many areas including decay control, pesticide contaminations, pesticide usage, shelf life extension, general pest problems, product loss, de-greening and ripening procedures. Debora has partnered with companies throughout the united states as well as internationally with pioneering of chilean citrus exports and continues to work with chilean growers/exporters such as Agricom. Debora strives to provide world class service to her clients through the development of programs in HACCP, Global GAP, BRC, PrimusGFS and customized modulated Food Safety Programs as well as complete program modification during and after major recalls. Additional experience includes environmental assessment in the area of wastewater permitting, remediation and hazardous waste.

Enrique Urrutia Gandara, Vice President

CQA’s Vice President in charge of operations and Co-owner is Enrique Urrutia Gandara (“Industrial Process Engineer”) with over 20 years professional experience in the United States and throughout Mexico, Central and South America. Formerly the Technical Manager at Primus Labs and most recently WQS (World Quality Services). He is a former member of “Faculty of Agricultural Sciences and Forestry”, University of Talca, Chile. Enrique is a veteran of more than 500 third party inspections conducted at the primary and the manufacturing levels within the food industry of nine separate countries in the Western Hemisphere. His long list of qualifications include:

  • PrimusGFS (GAP and GMP Options)
  • BRC (British Retail Consortium)
  • SQF (Safe Quality Food Institute)
  • GlobalG.A.P Option 1
  • GlobalG.A.P Audit: Option 2
  • GlobalG.A.P PHA (Produce Handling Assurance)
  • Primus Standard Audits (GAP and GMP)
  • MGAP audit
  • GRASP (Good social practices).
  • Nurture (formerly Tesco)
  • Covid19 prevention Program
  • FSMA – Preventive Controls
  • FSMA – Produce Safety Rule
  • FSMA – Foreign supplier Verification Program
  • FSMA – Transport Rule
  • OSHA

Since being with CQA, Enrique, has been involved in the analysis and implementation of preventive/corrective actions for food processing operations having problems with recalls and potential outbreaks. His detective sense benefits CQA in Cause determination, cleaning programs design and improvements and follow analysis to assess efficiency of program/practices implemented.